Organize a Voter Assembly in your community!

June 6, 2012 - 5:00pm - 7:00pm


A public space near you!

[Note: The Voter Assembly in Madison will take place on June 6th at 5pm on the State Street side of the Capitol.  Spread the word of facebook here.  For more info on the Wave's No More Stolen Election campaign click here]

Voter Assemblies are pre-planned public forums where voters will gather to respond immediately to election violations.  These assemblies are crucial to initiating a timely response to a potential stolen election. 

Please make plans to attend, or if need be, to organize a Voter Assembly in your community on the evening of Wednesday, June 6th, the day after the election.

Your participation in a Voter Assembly is very important.  Regardless of the declared victors, we will gather, and we will act:

A.    If there is reason to believe that the election is likely to be stolen, as was the case in Florida 2000, Ohio 2004, and Waukesha County 2011, we will act to prevent this from happening – pressing to prevent the theft and, if that is impossible, demanding a new, honest election.

B.    If it is unclear whether voting rights violation rise to the level of election theft, as was the case in Ohio 2004, we will mobilize everywhere to demand a full and complete count of the vote.

C.    If it appears that the election result was defined by the rigging of the process, we will rally statewide to press for progress in enacting democratic reforms.

=> To organize a Voter Assembly for the June 5th Recall elections in Wisconsin, please go to to submit details regarding time, place, and location. 

The ideal time for a voter assembly will be Wednesday, June 6th, in the early evening (around 5pm).  Good locations include public parks or squares, school auditoriums, or community centers.

For more help on organizing a Voter Assembly in your community please contact us here.