Do workers deserve the right to vote?

September 5, 2016
Liberty Tree Foundation
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This Labor Day, we salute the hard working people that make up our diverse country and the inspiring labor movement fighting tirelessly for our rights, creating a society that is moving towards the economic and political democracy we deserve. 

American workers work too hard for our votes not to be counted, to be barred from voting due to unjust laws, or to suffer intimidation for casting a ballot on election day. Workers of color are disproportionately targeted and affected by voter suppression tactics - the systematic nature of these practices necessitates a continued demand for free and fair elections. 
Pledge to protect the rights of workers by signing the No More Stolen Elections! Pledge of Action today! By pledging to act, you are recognizing the history of voter suppression in this country and making it known that the grassroots democracy movement will respond if and when fraud occurs this election cycle.

*CLICK HERE* to sign the NMSE! Pledge of Action.

We know that taking action after an election is stolen is necessary, but we must also push for an overhaul of our electoral system in order to build a more just, secure and robust democracy.
Please support the 10-point Voter Bill of Rights, protecting the right of workers to vote by making Election Day a national holiday. No one should have to ask their boss for time off and permission to vote.
Implementation of the Voter Bill of Rights would also make it easier to vote, make sure every vote is counted, enfranchise ex-offenders and enact statehood for the District of Columbia, ensuring more workers have an opportunity to participate in our electoral process.

Thank you for your continued support of the No More Stolen Elections! campaign. Please share this email with at least one friend or family member to help spread the word and mobilize voters everywhere.

Donate to Liberty Tree’s vital No More Stolen Elections! campaign and support democratizing elections in your community and throughout the country today. Your support ensures we can continue this work until the election and beyond - Liberty Tree’s projects are 100% funded by people like you who are committed to the success of the grassroots democracy movement. Thank you!

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