Voter Assemblies

To successfully protect the election it is crucial to make plans to attend, or if need be, to organize a Voter Assembly in your community on Wednesday, November 9th, the day after the election. Your participation in a Voter Assembly is very important. Regardless of the declared presidential victor, we will gather, and we will act.

What is a Voter Assembly?

A Voter Assembly provides a space where people can come together to discuss incidences of voter suppression and election fraud that could cause the election to be stolen and, if necessary, decide to take action to stop the election from being stolen.

Why are Voter Assemblies important?

This election is being threatened by unverifiable voting machines, voter ID laws that disenfranchise millions of eligible voters, restrictive election laws for third party candidates and voters who wish to vote early, as well as many other forms of voter suppression that we are likely to witness on and before November 8. Voter Assemblies empower citizens to speak out against these unjust election practices and to push for the necessary changes to stop election fraud. These assemblies will allow people to sidestep the mainstream media's blackout on election integrity issues and connect with others in our communities who share the same concerns about fair and just elections.

I want to organize a Voter Assembly in my community, where do I start?

For more info please check out the Voter Assembly Organizing Guide here

1. To begin, choose a good location.  Accessible, public spaces outside (parks, prominent intersections, or in front of civic buildings) are usually a good bet.  If you need to use an indoor space then an accessible, public space such as a community center would be ideal.

2. Next choose a time on Wednesday November 9th (the day after the election) to start your event.  Depending on where you live you may want to have it at around noon or after most people will be done with work around 5 or 6.

3. Register your event with No More Stolen Elections! here. We'll be in touch shortly to see if you would like any help with event logistics.

4. Finally, get the word out about your event by putting up posters in public spaces, handing out flyers at community events, contacting local grassroots organizations about advertising the event to their members, creating a Facebook event and using other social networking sites, or any other creative ideas you may have!

On Election night, as we figure out exactly what the situation is, we will write up a report and send it to organizers across the country. You will be able to use this report as the basis for both discussion and action at your voter assembly.

Register your own voter assembly by clicking here!


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